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We specialize in making your music sound and feel great.

With an outstanding team of audio specialists, Weiss-Sound is here to bring the absolute best out of your music. Explore what we offer in the areas of production, recording, mixing and mastering.

Who We Are


Matthew Weiss


Matthew Weiss is the recordist and mixer for Akon and Konvict Muzik, and head engineer at Konvict Studios in Burbank, CA. He is also the primary content provider for The Pro Audio Files.

Credits include Akon, Ozuna, Joey Montana, SisQo, Dizzee Rascal, Yo Gotti, Lijah Lu, Gorilla Zoe, King Midas, Mega Ran, Ronnie Spector and Uri Caine.

In 2007 Matthew was a recordist on the Grammy Nominated album "The Othello Syndrome" by Uri Caine & Bunny Sigler.
In 2013 Matthew mixed and provided additional production for the Spellemann Award winning album "Rosso" by King Midas.
In 2015 Matthew executive produced and mixed the Grammy balloted album "RNDM" by Mega Ran.
In 2017 Matthew joined Konvict Muzik and became the engineer for multiplatinum artist Akon.

In addition to his work as an audio engineer, Matthew also has significant experience in the world of education. He has taught
as a guest instructor at Cornell University, SUNY Fredonia, Slate Digital's Audio Legends, Pro Studio Live, and Produce Like A Pro.


Chris Athens


Chris Athens began his career as an assistant at Sony Mastering in NYC. After working his way up the ranks he was hired on as a full time engineer at Sterling Sound. Since his start, Chris boasts having mastered at least one record on a Billboard Top 10 chart every week of his career for thirteen years straight. In 2012, Chris left Sterling to start his own independent mastering service.

His clients include Rick Ross, J. Cole, Drake, Lil' Wayne, Busta Rhymes, Mikky Ekko, Gorilla Zoe, Sean Paul, Nicki Minaj, Childish Gambino, Robert Glasper, Tech N9ne, Jason Mraz, Ben Folds, Coldplay, and Fred Hammond.

Our Services


Mastering is the final piece of the audio process. The mastering engineer offers a fresh perspective on the general sonics of the record and makes small but important changes to ensure the mix translates as best as possible.


When mixing, our engineers' goal is to bring the feel of your record to life. The sonic needs of each record are unique and we pride ourselves in approaching your mix with this in mind, allowing its distinctive voice to shine through.


Private Commercial Facility located in North Hollywood, California. Booking available for full day or half day recording.

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Videos and Sound Packs

Mix engineer Matthew Weiss reveals tips, tricks and techniques for using EQ to get a better mix, as well as technical concepts and theory behind the processing.
Improve your mix by manipulating shape, tone and dynamics. I take the mystery out of compression: teach you what it is, what it sounds like and how you can use it to take your mixes to the next level.
Maybe madness or maybe to make a statement: The Maio Collection boasts over 160 professionally recorded acoustic drums that hit every bit as hard as synthetic drums while retaining the character, quirk and texture of natural drums.
Drums, synths, bass, vocals, transitions, drops and more, I show you how to get the best sound out of all your EDM mixes and productions. You'll learn how to get maximum impact out of your drops, increase the stereo width of your mix, perfect your vocals, and mix hard-hitting kicks that cut through a dense track.

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